Unseen photos of Shajarian

Mohammad-Reza Shajarian (born 23 September 1940) is an internationally and critically acclaimed Persian classical singer, composer and Ostad (master) of Persian music. He has been called “Iran’s greatest living master of traditional Persian music.” Shajarian is also known for his skills in Persian calligraphy, and humanitarian activities.

Bahareh Rahnama’s Hosting An Event for her new Album in a Charity

She was born on December 1, 1973 in, Her father, Jalal Rahnama is a businessman and her mother, Parvin Ghaem Maghami is an actress. They moved to Tehran in early 1980. You don’t (hopefully?) charge your friends when you have a get-together at your place, so don’t charge your fans to come to your album…

the 2017 Miss Venezuela

There’s crying, and the Venevisión song. Has this show always been like this? One of the older Caracas Chronicles collaborators, I won’t say his name (but it rhymes with “Abdul Folk”), said that Joaquín Riviera would have never allowed this train wreck to happen. I don’t know who Mr. Riviera was, but I just watched…

Locals and Tourist in Kish Island

Kish is a 91.5-square-kilometre resort island in the Persian Gulf off the southern coast of Iran. It is part of the Bandar Lengeh County in Hormozgān Province of Iran. Owing to its free trade zone status it is touted as a consumer’s paradise, with numerous malls, shopping centres, tourist attractions, and resort hotels. It has…

New Style of Life For Young People in Saudi Arabia

The New York Times photographer Tsenim El Sultan presented a series of reports of a life under the skin of the Saudi community, now underway with Mohammed bin Salman’s reforms on women’s social freedoms.